IJLLD 2.1 (2012)

| July 1, 2011

Volume 2(1) 

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Foreword Sebastian McEvoy

  1. Colin Robertson. The Problem of Meaning in Multilingual EU Legal Texts
  2. Maurizio Gotti. The Litigational ‘Colonisation’ of ADR Discourse
  3. Martin Solly. Communicating with the Wider Audience: The case of a legal blog
  4. Ross Charnock. Alternative Justifications and the Argument from Demystification in the English Law of Obligations
  5. Maureen. L. Klos and Tamara. A. Klos. The Landlord’s Right to Consumer Protection
  6. Eveline T. Feteris. Strategic Manoeuvring with Linguistic Arguments in Legal Decisions:A disputable literal reading of the law
  7. H. José Plug. Obscurities in the Formulation of Legal Argumentation
  8. Victor Ferry. The Dissociation of Notions as a Tool for Justification: A study on practical reasoning in common law decisions
  9. Anne Richardson Oakes. Schools and Race in the Language of the Law: Precision or Meaningless Jargon?

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