2012 Index

IJLLD 2.4 (2012)

  1. Joseph-G. Turi
    Language Law and Language Rights
  2. Jinbang Du
    Application of Multimodal Information Corpus Techniques in Legal English Teaching
  3. Catherine Way
    A Discourse Analysis Approach to Legal Translator Training: More than words
  4. Laura Ervo and Carlo Rasia
    Legal Bilingualisation and Factual Multilingualisation: A comparative study of the protection of linguistic minorities in civil proceedings between Finland and Italy

IJLLD 2.3 (2012)

  1. Fabrizio Macagno and Douglas Walton. Character Attacks as Complex Strategies of Legal Argumentation
  2. Tammy Gales. Review of Patterns of Linguistic Variation in American Legal English
  3. Terry Royce. The Analysis of Police Crisis Negotiations
  4. Vadim Verenich. The Semiotic Model of Legal Reasoning

IJLLD 2.2 (2012)

  1. R. StefanickiEvaluating Legal Protection of the Consumer
  2. Roya MonsefiLanguage in Criminal Justice: Forensic linguistics in Shipman trial
  3. S. Szantova Giordano“We Have to Get By”: Court interpreting and its impact on access to justice for non-native English speakers
  4. Stefanos VlachopoulosTowards a Creativity-based Framework for Defining and Describing Court Interpreting: Based on the true story of court interpreting in Greece

IJLLD 2.1 (2012)

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Foreword Sebastian McEvoy

  1. Colin Robertson. The Problem of Meaning in Multilingual EU Legal Texts
  2. Maurizio Gotti. The Litigational ‘Colonisation’ of ADR Discourse
  3. Martin Solly. Communicating with the Wider Audience: The case of a legal blog
  4. Ross Charnock. Alternative Justifications and the Argument from Demystification in the English Law of Obligations
  5. Maureen. L. Klos and Tamara. A. Klos. The Landlord’s Right to Consumer Protection
  6. Eveline T. Feteris. Strategic Manoeuvring with Linguistic Arguments in Legal Decisions:A disputable literal reading of the law
  7. H. José Plug. Obscurities in the Formulation of Legal Argumentation
  8. Victor Ferry. The Dissociation of Notions as a Tool for Justification: A study on practical reasoning in common law decisions
  9. Anne Richardson Oakes. Schools and Race in the Language of the Law: Precision or Meaningless Jargon?