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IJLLD Volume 5.2 2015


IJLLD 5.2 2015

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  1. Joseph-G. Turi. Language Law and Language Rights
  2. Jinbang Du. Application of Multimodal Information Corpus Techniques in Legal English Teaching
  3. Catherine Way. A Discourse Analysis Approach to Legal Translator Training: More than words
  4. Laura Ervo and Carlo Rasia. Legal Bilingualisation and Factual Multilingualisation: A comparative study of the protection of linguistic minorities in civil proceedings between Finland and Italy

IJLLD Volume 5.1 2015

IJLLD 5.1 2015

Volume 5.1 2015

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  1. Michael S. Boyd and Isabel A. Walbaum Robinson. Text Commenting in Mediatised Legal Discourse: Evaluating Reader Understanding of (International) Criminal Law.
  2. Xin Guan. Potential Speaker-Discriminating Power of Speaking Style: Application of Discourse Information Analysis to Forensic Speaker Recognition
  3. Ahlam Alharbi and Mona Bahmani. Media Representation of the Islamic Law: A Case Study of Ashtiani’s Stoning