7.1 Wrbka

| July 19, 2020

Stefan Wrbka. (2017). The European Case Law Identifier Search Engine and Multilingualism: A Legal Certainty Perspective on Business-to-Consumer Situations. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 7(1), 55-77.

Abstract: This paper focuses on the European Case Law Identifier Search Engine, which the European Commission launched in May 2016 as a central gateway to national and EU case law. At the centre of the project stands the wish to improve the accessibility and transparency of case law to stimulate cross-border trade. The study links these considerations to the pluralistic legal certainty concepts introduced by Canaris and Bydlinski and by doing so aims to evaluate the search engine potential from the viewpoint of multilingualism of its implications for legal predictability, the practicability of the application of law and legal accessibility. The focus is put on the relevance for cross-border business-to-consumer situations, which constitute one of the most essential challenges for strengthening the internal market.

Keywords: European Union, legal certainty, consumer law, ECLI, European Case Law Identifier search engine, linguistic diversity


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Category: Volume 7