6.2 Zhao & Guo

| August 3, 2020

Shu Zhao and Yanan Guo. (2016). On Ethnic Minority Language Interpretation System and Practice in Court in China. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 6(2), 1-17.

Abstract: The right of language is a fundamental human right. The Constitution of China stipulates that the minority litigant’s rights in taking proceedings in his native language should be safeguarded. As a crucial approach to ensuring procedural justice, the principle is significant in guaranteeing the trail fairness, keeping harmonious relationship between all nationalities and respecting ethnic minorities’ language. However, in legislative and judicial levels, due to the lack of bilingual practical regulations, many problems related to the issue exist, such as oversimplified principles leading to various practices. The author, based on surveys, statistics and a historical review on China’s ancient interpreting systems and a comparative study on the counterpart of Hong Kong, analyzed those reasons and put forward proposals.

Keywords: Minority litigant; Ethnic Minority Language; Legal Interpretation


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