6.2 Guo & Zhao

| August 3, 2020

Yanan Guo & Shu Zhao. (2016). On the Legal Protection of the Urban Ethnic Minority Migrant Population as a Vulnerable Group– Hohhot. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 6(2), 64-78.

Abstract: he ethnic minority migrant population is not only the reflection of urban and rural floating, but also the reflection of the cross-ethnic interaction. After coming to cities, many an ethnic minority migrant cannot adjust themselves in several aspects, like knowledge and skills, values, life styles, national psychology, and national customs. Moreover, they are separated from the others by the unseen frontier and estrangement. Finally, most of them couldn’t get rid of poverty, and even get involved in it, turning into the social vulnerable group in cities for their missing of political and legal rights, their lacking of material and economic basis. However, protecting and relieving the social vulnerable groups is meaningful to promote the healthy development of cities and maintain the steady society as well as the essential requirements for realizing the social justice and the legal substantive justice. The author takes the ethnic minority migrant population in Hohhot, the capital city of Inner Mongolia of China as her study object, analyses them from different aspects and attempts to study the legal protection of the specific vulnerable group-the ethnic minority migrant population. The last but not the least, she offers some proposals on how to strengthen the legal protection of the ethnic minority migrant population in cities. For example, establish more specific and comprehensive legislation; abolish systematic barriers and establish social security system; improve the legal aid system and the judicial remedy procedure; strengthen humanistic concern and finally achieve educational equality.

Keywords: ethnic minority, migrant population, vulnerable groups, legal protection


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Category: Volume 6