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| August 4, 2020

Jinbang Du. (2015). Application of Multimodal Information Corpus Techniques in Legal English Teaching. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 5(2), 19-38.

Abstract: Multimodal information has gradually become increasingly involved in legal English teaching in China, as different media are increasingly used in the classroom. Multimodal information is so complex that it cannot be fully utilized by teachers. The use of the Multimodal Information Corpus (MIC) offers a feasible solution to the problem. This paper presents the design of applying MIC techniques to the teaching of legal English, including the principles, procedures and methods. This study focuses on processing of multimodal information which involves the collection, selection, compilation, integration and presentation of comprehensive information in the classroom context. The study shows that it is possible and, in fact, practical for teachers to manage multimodal information and measure students’ ability reflected in the way they process such information in their legal English learning.

Keywords: multimodal information corpus techniques, legal English teaching, information processing, class modules, assessment


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Category: Volume 5