4.1 Lu

| August 10, 2020

Chi Seng Lu. (2014). Balanced Approach Developed in Macao for Legal Translation and Principle of Respect Adopted in Construction of Social Harmony. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 4(1), 68-94.

Abstract: To achieve equivalence in legal translation, Sarcevic (2000) proposes the equal treatment in effect, intent and meaning. In the case of Macao, the first two requirements are fulfilled by publishing legislations in the Official Gazette. To meet equal meaning, Macao has developed a balanced approach, which composes of two principles (literalness and conceptuality). This paper, by studying the translation of social welfare legislations, illustrates that this approach serves as an efficient tool to deal with legal translation. And due to the nature of social welfare legislations, the principle of respect is added as well in the process.

Keywords: Balanced approach, principle of literalness, principle of conceptuality, social welfare legislations, principle of respect


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