3.2 Warren & Leung

| August 10, 2020

Martin Warren & Maggie Leung. (2013). At any time after any proceedings …: Why is any so frequent in legal texts?. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 3(2), 70-102.

Abstract: This paper explores phraseologies specific to legislative legal texts, but, unusually, it does this by examining phraseologies consisting of grammatical words as well as those which are lexically richer. The general determiner any is much more frequent in legislative legal texts than in general English. This was discovered in a corpus linguistics project examining the phraseologies specific to legislative legal texts in engineering- and financial services-related corpora. Many of the most frequent phraseologies associated with these legal texts were found to include this general determiner. Examples of these phraseologies are described and discussed in order to better understand why phraseologies containing any are so frequent, and so necessary, in legislative legal texts. The paper also explores the implications of its methodology for future studies seeking to uncover the linguistic representations of linguistic reality.

Keywords: phraseology, legislative legal texts, genre analysis, corpus linguistics, phraseological variation


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Category: Volume 3