2.2 Stefanicki

| September 2, 2020

Robert Stefanicki. (2012). Evaluating Legal Protection of the Consumer. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 2(2), 70-98.

Abstract: The project has met with a great response from practitioners, domestic and foreign experts, as well as representatives of European Commission, courts, public administration bodies and various organisations, including ordinary consumers. Consumer protection strategy is based on the paradigm through comprehensive and transparent information. But obligations imposed on businesses have created the problem of the real costs incurred by them and the effects of these obligations that might be undesirable. An important role in the evolution of the legal culture today is played by the doctrine, with interesting element of this type of transnational cooperation. Materials, in particular the resulting conference and study meetings, have aroused considerable interest and remained a useful source of information for the above persons concerned, whereas in this professionals and legal practitioners. Discussed material is based on the results an independent and external research in education institute.

Keywords: consumer protection, essence of this right, cooperation of universities, multi-level analysis and discourse


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Category: Volume 2