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| September 3, 2020

Wei-quan Yu. (2011). Weaving Experiential Law Teaching Elements into an Intellectual Property Management Course. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 1(2), 20-52.

Abstract: This study outlines an Intellectual Property Management (IPM) Course incorporating experiential law teaching methods based on the author‘s experience of experiential law teaching at McGeorge Law School of the University of the Pacific. Firstly, it paints the legal education in China and introduces the experiential law teaching methods in the United States. Then it describes the traditional way of teaching the IPM Course in China, taking Zhejiang Gongshang University as an example. The paper focuses on redesigning the IPM Course by adopting Experiential Law Teaching methods widely used in the U.S.A such as seminar sessions, role play, mini-clinic, crafting legal documents, critique, and reflective journals.

Keywords: legal education, problem-solving skills, experiential teaching methods, intellectual property management, course design


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Category: Volume 1