1.1 Cheng & Sin

| September 3, 2020

Le Cheng and King Kui Sin. (2011). Courtroom Language and Discourse. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 1(1), 5-30.

Abstract: In this paper, we conduct a comprehensive survey of previous studies on courtroom discourse. Courtroom language provides a rich source of data for sociology, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and other related disciplines. The macro studies investigate the general features of courtroom language from the broader perspectives of language, legal communication, law, society and culture while the micro studies examine the internal structures of courtroom language in relation to specific issues. The two kinds of studies suffice to give us an overview of the various aspects and multi-faceted problems of courtroom discourse studied by sociologists and linguists. An overview of the issues concerning and approaches to the studies of courtroom language will shed light on the nature of courtroom discourse, which are an important aspect of legal discourse.

Keywords: courtroom discourse, macro studies, micro studies, law, society, language


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