1.1 Prideaux

| September 3, 2020

Gary D. Prideaux. (2011). Linguistic Contributions to the Analysis of Hate Language. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 1(1), 31-53.

Abstract: This paper examines several cases before the Canadian Human Rights Commission in which the author served as an expert witness. The data consist of texts taken from Internet or telephone message sites which allegedly communicate racist and/or anti-Semitic content, thereby contravening the Canadian Human Rights Act. To analyze such materials systematically, it was necessary to collect and organize research from diverse areas of linguistics into a coherent analytic instrument, resulting in the creation of a “toolkit” for text analysis. The toolkit is first discussed and then applied to the selected texts. It is concluded that the texts are indeed racist and anti-Semitic. It is also concluded the methodology is appropriate for the analysis of any texts, including those involving persuasion and manipulation.

Keywords: expert witness, discourse, text analysis, hate language


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