Tag: legal discourse

8.2 Osminkin

| December 31, 2020

Anton Osminkin. (2020). Pronominal Adverbs Based on Here-, There-, and Where- as Textual Connectors in Legal Discourse. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 8(2), 57-85. Abstract: This paper examines the connectors based on here-, there-, and where-, as used in legal discourse. Although they are regularly mentioned in specialised literature (Crystal, 1988; Tiersma, 1999; […]

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2.3 Verenich

| August 11, 2020

Vadim Verenich. (2012). The Semiotic Model of Legal Reasoning. International Journal of Law, Language & Discourse 2(3), 25-58. Abstract: The scope of this paper is the analysis of semiotic models of legal argumentation and legal discourse. The paper explores how different semiotic models of legal reasoning underscore our appreciation for legal reasoning. The analysis of […]

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